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*NOTICE* Due to operational and supply constraints our Naco and Pasiguard production has been paused.

We shall update you in due course.  Thank you for your understanding in the interim.



Naco is a world-wide brand of louvered windows designed and developed in the UK. Pasico Ghana Ltd, under licence to Naco UK, produces Naco frames in Ghana, offering the local market quality and precision in louvered windows at highly affordable prices.

Naco Standard

Introduction 152mm standard louvres have achieved a worldwide market acceptance where simple controlled ventilation, maximum daylight area, and low cost reliability are required. Standard louvre windows are available from 2 blade up to 14 blade ventilators and all are easily fixed without the need for special tools. Windows are produce in loose bar form for self-assembly in a range of standard heights or with an extensions piece for extended heights. Standard louvre windows provide a versatile and reliable product where ventilation and economy are the prime consideration

Download Naco Standard Brochure Here

Naco Deluxe

In the late 80’s, the Naco Deluxe Louvre Frame, an improvement on the Naco Standard Louvre Frame was introduced into Ghana. The Naco Deluxe Louvre Frame is also now perceived to be the best alternative to sliding windows. It is aesthetically superior to the Naco Standard Louvre frame yet still maintains its 90% “free flowing air principle” i.e. 90% of the window’s area will allow for free flowing air movement. As distributors of Naco, Pasico also retails the specialized Naco products under license from Naco UK.

Download the Naco Deluxe Brochure Here

Naco Accessories

In order to enhance your louvre frame, we have a range of accessories available.

Coupling Sets: These allow you to couple louvre frames together without the use of internal wood uprights thus increasing the amount of light and air entering the room and maintaining the beauty of the window opening.

Top and Bottom Sill: These are moulded from aluminium with rubber seals and are designed to keep air and water out.

Drop Rods: These are specially designed aluminium rods that fit into the Naco louvre handles to allow one to open and close the louvres that are fixed in parts of the building that make it inaccessible to the human hand. E.G. high rise buildings