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Manitowoc 16000

The Pasico Ghana PLC team under leadership of senior engineers Phil Coggin and Elvis Dongwiri, completed a 3-week assembly of a Manitowoc 16000 crawler crane for client Subsea 7 in Takoradi, Ghana. The crane is now the largest crawler crane in Ghana. Phil and Elvis spent two weeks in Singapore on technical training in preparation for the assembly. The crane now resides in Takoradi harbour where it will assist the customer to construct and load suction piles. Pasico Ghana PLC will be providing on-going service and maintenance of the machine, and all operator and machine certifications will be conducted by Pasico Ghana PLC’s CIT Division.

The machine arrived from France in transportable pieces, with nothing over 35T. The yard for assembly was also comparatively small, and Subsea 7 had already begun constructing the rest of the site. The team had to manoeuvre the individual pieces very carefully using a support crane to avoid unnecessary delays.

The Manitowoc 16000 is the third biggest crane Manitowoc produces, and the largest crawler crane in Ghana to date.