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JCB Teletruk sales spares and rentals in Ghana

The JCB Teletruk is unique in its ability to combine the traditional values of small working footprint with very high load carrying capacity, along with new ways of improving materials handling in many industrial and other applications. The range includes both 4×2 and 4×4 models with capacities from 2.5T to 3.5T and both diesel, LPG engines and also available in electric options, the Teletruk is therefore ideal in standard industrial applications and able to cope with less-than-ideal yard surfaces and gradients.

In West Africa the Teletruk has found its most popular application in ports – our customer, the Ghana Ports & Harbour Authority, is one of the largest procurers of JCB Teletruks in the world. Mine sites, logistics providers and warehouses also make excellent use of the unique versatility of the machine. Our experience with servicing and repairing JCB Teletruks in West and Central Africa is second-to-none.

The long reach, manoeuvrability and ability to drive into a standard ISO container make it ideal for unloading diverse materials that would in the past often need to be manually handled. The Teletruk has a well reported ability to load trailers from a single side and in West Africa this translates into an ability to reach over and top load high sided vehicles.

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