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Safety first, always.

One of the most common faults we report on during a crane inspection is a non-working safe load indicator [SLI] or load moment indicator [LMI]. These safety devices are, on many sites mandatory, and provide an essential operator aid to prevent potentially hazardous overload or tipping situations. When our crane engineers are called to the scene of an accident we commonly find this system, which could have alerted the operator to a dangerous manoeuvre, was not functioning.

Keeping these systems running in Ghana, particularly for older cranes, can be a challenge and expertise, especially when calibration is required, has historically had to come from outside the region at considerable expense.

Pasico Ghana Ltd. and its parent Company have teamed up with PAT Kruger NV to enable us to offer and install a range of retrofit solutions for older cranes. Subject to test some components (reeling drums, angle sensors, anti 2 block switches etc) can be re-used from the existing system and in many cases we can re-use the data stored in the existing system to avoid calibration. Where calibration is required we can arrange this using our own engineers rather than having to fly-in expertise from Europe or North America.

These retrofit kits are simple to operate, robust and will extend the safe life of any crane. We have a solution for most mobile hydraulic and lattice boom crawler cranes. The full PAT Kruger range includes certified load cells which we can also offer for sale or rent on request

If you have a requirement for a retrofit or repair of a PAT Kruger safe load or load moment indicator please contact us for further details.