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Konecranes Port Cranes New and Used in Ghana

Konecranes have been manufacturing cranes for over 80 years. The range of cranes for ports and terminals embraces new technology and using specialised in house production of drives and motors (Konecranes is the world’s largest producer of drives and motors for cranes) they are able to produce reliable, efficient cranes with a focus on total cost of ownership for the entire life cycle of the crane. The advanced technology utilised by Konecranes is typified in their design for their market leading 16 wheel RTG.

The full range of equipment for ports and terminals is as follows:

  • STS Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes
  • RTG Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes
  • RMG Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes
  • ASC Automated Stacking Cranes
  • SC Straddle Carriers
  • YardIT-Positioning Products & Services
Download the Konecranes RTG Brochure here

The crane is entirely electric (no hydraulics are employed at all) and is powered by an efficient variable speed generator that delivers the exact amount of power required to suit the load.

All motors are flange mounted giving easy maintenance access and with no messy chains or belts to complicate the drives.

The pinned bogies turn under the same electric power that drive the wheels, there is no need for jacks or additional motors for turning the crane.

The rigid frame has pinned joints that allow a degree of flex so that the crane can operate safely in uneven yards.

DGPS container positioning system stores the exact location of every single container.

The trolley utilises active load control: a combined anti-sway/micro movement system of 4 hoist rope control motors which allows accurate container positioning (up to 30mm) without having to move the trolley. This in combination with a twin hoist system ensures that the spreader stays in trim and that containers can be positioned accurately and efficiently.