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Construction Manitowoc Crawler Cranes For Sale in Ghana.

The traditional style Manitowoc lattice boom crawler crane has long been a proven success in West African mining. Many 40 year old machines are still in operation today having repaid their original investment many times over and we still regularly supply parts and service for these machines.

The new style crawlers take lifting technology to a new level and these extremely versatile machines can be rigged for heavy lift, as tower cranes or for duty cycle work. The cranes are designed for self-assembly and with the FACT alignment system can be quickly and efficiently rigged.

With lifting capacities between 73 MT to 2,300 MT and a range of attachments and jib extensions to maximise the available load charts these machines are popular in West Africa in the oil industry for heavy lift and duty cycle work lifting pipeline; in port applications for handling sea defences; for barge mounting for marine applications and in mining for heavy lift and mill maintenance.

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