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Good and well trained crane operators and riggers are not the only prerequisite to successfully complete safe lifting operations.

A busy lifting site may cover a wide area and involve third parties and vehicles directly connected with the lift or otherwise working around the designated area.

Risk is everywhere. Strong planning is essential to reduce risk involving many moving parts.

The UK LOLER legislation puts a duty on employers to have an Appointed Person [AP] to take responsibility for all aspects of the lift including making risk assessments, selection of cranes and accessories, planning and supervising the lift. The US ASME regulations have a similar Lift Planner role.

Competence is a key component of the qualifications of the role which is often based on experience but this needs to be assessed and to achieve this Pasico Ghana’s CIT Division recently hosted Appointed Person training at our training facility in Tema.

This training comprising both theoretical and practical components, catered to participants from various companies, CIT Inspectors, and a private student.

Designed to qualify individuals for the highest position in lifting, graduates of this course are titled as ‘Appointed Persons’ or ‘Lift Directors’.

The training comprehensively covered legislation including LOLER, PUWER, and HASAWA, along with codes of practice such as BS7121. Participants also learned about roles and responsibilities in lifting operations, crane appreciation, duty charts, crane terminology, documentation, and certification for lifting equipment. Crane stability and ground conditions, as well as understanding Rated Capacity and Safe Working Loads, were emphasised. Additionally, the training covered lifting accessories, sling techniques, sling angles, communication protocols, and the essential aspects of planning a lifting operation and writing a risk assessment.

We extend our congratulations to the successful participants: Livingstone Korley, Sydney Tagoe, John Adzigbo, Egan Benson Adjei, Alex Akorli, Vincent Blewusi Agbavitor, Joseph Owusu, Emilio Samson, Nana Fening, Albert Crentsil, Augustine Korankye, and Abudu Yussif.

And thank you to trainer Andrew Packham!