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Have you ever wanted to have clear visibility behind your lift truck while reversing?

Konecranes’ reverse camera kit offers a solution by eliminating blind spots, enabling drivers to maneuver large loads safely and efficiently.

The camera provides a wide field of view and high-quality images, ensuring dependable guidance. Integration with the existing cabin display means there’s no need for an extra monitor.

Enhance Rear Visibility

• Gain a 120° field of view with superior video quality
• Seamlessly integrated into the machine display
• Versatile mounting options
• Expandable with multiple cameras for comprehensive coverage

In situations with limited visibility, the reverse warning system can help prevent accidents by alerting the driver to obstacles in the lift truck’s path. Using ultrasonic sensors, the obstacle detection system automatically detects objects, personnel, and other machinery, delivering visual and audible alerts to the driver in the cabin. This system performs reliably even in adverse weather and lighting conditions.

Ideal for rugged environments, the reverse camera kit enhances driver comfort and reduces stress.

It’s compatible with all Konecranes lift trucks and can be retrofitted as needed.

To place an order, provide the lift truck’s serial number(s) to the Paterson Simons parts team at: contact page.

We will provide you with the complete package offer.