• Head Office: Plot No. B6, 2nd Hannah Lane, Community 5, Tema, GP GPS: GT-128-8005


Meet Bernard Quartey, a dedicated and valuable member of the Paterson Simons family for an impressive 25 years, having joined the company in May 1998.

Bernard commenced his journey with us as a data/stores supervisor at the Pasiguard Factory. His trajectory within the company saw him transition to the Materials department, where he served as a material supervisor for four years. Subsequently, he brought his expertise to the Engineering Department as a Service Coordinator at Pasico Ghana (a subsidiary of Paterson Simons)  in the Pasico Accra Office, working closely with the Service Manager for nearly a decade. In this role, Bernard played a pivotal part in planning and scheduling jobs for engineers, managing quotations, invoicing, and various other responsibilities, covering both Tema and Accra.

Throughout his tenure, Bernard’s impactful contributions extended beyond his official duties. He assumed leadership roles, fostering a culture of teamwork and motivating engineers through training and guidance. His efforts were instrumental in shaping various processes within the department.

In 2018, Bernard took on the role of Service Manager, overseeing operations in Greater Accra. Based in Pasico Ghana’s Tema Head Office, this is his current role at the company.

Outside of the workplace, Bernard places paramount importance on family and personal health. He enjoys activities such as jogging/exercising and has a passion for watching soccer.

Offering advice to aspiring engineers and technicians, Bernard emphasizes the significance of dedication, hard work, self-discipline, and a genuine passion for their roles. He believes that embodying these qualities ensures progress and advancement in any position.

Reflecting on the growth of PSAL/Pasico, Bernard acknowledges the company’s significant expansion in recent years, with its brand and equipment gaining widespread recognition. He commends the company’s strong foundation, foreseeing promising prospects in the future. Bernard appreciates the management’s commitment to staff well-being, evident through initiatives like training programs. He notes a considerable improvement in communication flow, attributing it to the efficient and attentive management that values input from all staff members.

In Bernard’s words, “PSAL/Pasico has grown tremendously, and our brand is now widely recognized. The company is well-established with a bright future. Staff are valued, and the management prioritizes their well-being, making it a great place to work.”