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Pasico Ghana currently have stock of the A2B cable, as this is a critical component of the crane’s safety system. If the cable is damaged the crane can only be operated through bypassing the safety system. Operating the crane with the system bypassed is a major cause of accidents.

Replacing the cable quickly is imperative to the safe running of mobile cranes, which is why Pasico holds stock which we can mobilise quickly to site with a technician to fit if requested. Contact us here to order


Maintain safety standards with regular checks of the anti two-blocking device!

• Did you know that regular checks of the anti two-blocking device and the overall crane safety system are essential for ensuring proper operation?
• Did you know that daily inspections and intermittent checks during prolonged lifting activities are mandatory to maintain safety standards?
• If any component of the A2B device or the safety system is found to be faulty or inoperable, crane operations must be halted immediately. The issues should be addressed and resolved before resuming crane activities to ensure a safe working environment.

Here’s how it works:

Anti two-block (ATB or A2B) warning systems serve to alert or prevent crane operators from encountering the hazardous condition of two-blocking. Two-blocking occurs when the hook block is elevated until it makes contact with the boom tip. In the absence of a proper crane A2B system, this situation can result in costly damage to the crane boom, endangering personnel and neighboring property.


The Anti two-blocking (A2B) system: an essential component of crane safety

The anti-two-blocking (A2B) system prevents collisions between the hook block and boom tip. It consists of a limit switch positioned between the rising hook and boom tip, which is activated when the hook block nears the boom tip, triggering the switch and halting further hoisting.
This switch sends an electrical signal through an A2B cable to a cable reeling drum on the boom’s side. The drum rolls up and pays out the cable as the boom extends or retracts.
Electronic components within the drum process the signal and transmit it to the crane’s central processing unit, deactivating the hoisting motion upwards while allowing downward hoisting to continue.

Crane Safety maintained with the Anti two-blocking safety device

The Anti two-blocking safety device plays a critical role in maintaining crane safety by preventing dangerous collisions between the hook block and boom tip.
This prevents damage to crucial components such as sheaves and the hoist rope, as well as potential accidents caused by a two-blocking event.
If the hoist rope were to fail during such an event, it could lead to the heavy hook block falling, posing a significant risk to rigging personnel below or potentially causing the crane to overturn, especially if lifting near capacity.

Stay safe and contact us today!

Our subsidiary Pasico Ghana has A2B cable in stock now. Contact us here