• Head Office: Plot No. B6, 2nd Hannah Lane, Community 5, Tema, GP GPS: GT-128-8005


Mobicrane is a family-owned business with well over two decades of experience renting out lifting equipment in Ghana, Western Africa. In the coastal town of Takoradi, they provide cranes and lift trucks mostly to mining, oil and gas, and construction companies. As these companies have expanded their operations, rental equipment has offered flexibility in a rapidly changing economy.

The challenge

Offshore oil requires drilling pipes of various sizes to be transported to oil rigs. The pipes are made of heavy steel that can withstand the pressure of being thousands of meters under the sea or under the ground. In addition, general cargo for offshore operations must be moved on and off transport. Traditionally, cranes are used for this task, but securing and lifting non-standard loads safely with a crane is a slow process.

The solution

Mobicrane, in cooperation with Paterson Simons & Co. (Africa) Ltd., has put five Konecranes SMV 16-1200 C forklifts into service for oil pipe yard work and general cargo.

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