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Recently Paterson Simons organised a thorough training session on risk assessment and chemical safety for our team of engineers based in Nigeria. The training was held at the Paterson Simons Nigeria office.

The focus of the training was on elucidating the concept of risk assessment, including the identification of hazards, the evaluation of risks, and effective risk management, with a special emphasis on the hierarchy of controls.

Regarding chemical safety, the training delved into the classification of chemical accidents, the occurrence of such accidents, a list of hazardous chemicals and their effects on the human body, and precautionary measures to be taken when handling chemicals. Additionally, participants discussed the contents of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

The training program incorporated both theoretical and practical components, utilizing audio-visual content to facilitate discussions.

At Paterson Simons, we uphold the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety. To achieve this, we systematically identify all health and safety hazards in the workplace through formal hazard surveys and take necessary corrective and preventive actions to minimize these risks. This includes ensuring that all employees are well-versed in relevant policies, procedures, and management programs.

The training aligns with the company’s Group safety goals, which mandate the conduct of risk assessments for all jobs. Paterson Simons is committed to digitalizing operations, and as part of this commitment, the process of risk assessment and reporting of hazards is streamlined through a dedicated app installed on phones or tablets, providing convenience for engineers working globally.

We extend our congratulations to the dedicated participants who attended the training:

  • Martins B. Jenchat
  • Friday Ezeogba
  • John Adesanya
  • Ridwan Adeniyi
  • Christian Okoro
  • Emmanuel Evuibi
  • Ahmed Fekry
  • Anthony Udo
  • Jackson Manasseh

Special thanks to the trainer, Bright Korda, Group HSE Manager at Pasico Ghana (a subsidiary of Paterson Simons).


Top photo shows trainer Bright Korda, and the following staff: Martins B. Jenchat, Friday Ezeogba, John Adesanya, Ridwan Adeniyi, Christian Okoro & Emmanuel Evuibi.